The ‘Jurassic Park’ Ride At Universal Studios Is Closing

Don't worry, though. The replacement looks pretty sweet, too!

Just like the dinosaurs, the “Jurassic Park” ride at Universal Studios Hollywood is about to become extinct. Fear not though, dinosaur-loving friends. As the movie quote goes, life always finds a way — the ride is simply being replaced with an updated ride called “Jurassic World!”

First opening in 1996, the “Jurassic Park” water ride with animatronic dinosaurs will close for good on Sept. 3. That means if you want one last ride, you’ll need to make plans to head that way this summer.


There is no opening date for the new “Jurassic World” ride just yet, but Universal Studios says it is sometime in 2019.

The “Jurassic Park” ride features dinosaurs as big as five stories high, including a 50-foot T-rex, as well as 1.5 million gallons of water.

There’s no word on just how different the new ride will be, but Universal Studios says it will be a “next-generation experience that’s even more immersive and technologically advanced.”

(Here’s to hoping 22 years of advancing technology means some sort of hologram Chris Pratt …)


The announcement comes just as the park is about to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the film with guest appearances, special exhibits and photo opportunities, a fan costume show, giveaways and even after-hours access to face off against that massive T-rex!


Are you sad to see the “Jurassic Park” ride go or are you excited for “Jurassic World”?