The latest shoes from Vans will have you walking on sunshine


It’s going to feel good when you’re basically walking on sunshine in the latest shoes from Vans. The newest designs on classic Vans slip-ons and sneakers looks like a sunset and couldn’t be more perfect for the long walks you’ll be taking this summer.

Yellow, orange and lavender hues fade into each other in an ombré effect that looks just like the sky as the sun sets on a summer’s eve. The new colorway is appropriately titled Sunset Fade.

There are three different options to choose from: a slip-on style, canvas sneaker of traditional sneaker. Each showcases the beautiful pastel colors — and trust us, you’re going to want to add at least one pair of these to your summertime shoe selection.

The slip-on option will pair well with your shorts, skirts and dresses this season. This style is easy to dress up or dress down and is super comfy. It retails for $62 on the Vans website.


The canvas sneaker option, however, is just as cute and comfortable and is even more classic. This pair is also $62 online.


Then, there’s the mesh sneaker version, which isn’t quite as colorful, but still incorporates that sunset vibe — just in a more subtle way. These are available for $80.


So pretty, aren’t they?

The Sunset Fade shoes became available to shop in the U.S. after a colorful collaboration with Charlotte Shibuya and Aya Kawasaki was revealed in Japan, according to Hypebae. This particular collaboration was only made available to the Japanese market, but by the looks of it, it definitely inspired the Sunset Fade pairs that we can shop here in the U.S. now.

The Vans and Shibuya and Kawasaki collab was called “Peach Soda” and looks absolutely stunning:

And if we aren’t going to be able to shop these beauties, at least they’ve given us the Sunset Fade collection, instead. Because seriously — who doesn’t love a good sunset?

Eyeing a pair of Vans  to wear all summer long? We can’t say we blame you! Watching the sun set is so much better when you’ve got shoes to match!

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