The maker of Sweethearts, Necco candies has shut down operations abruptly

Happy Valentine's Day!
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Just two months after Necco (New England Confectionery Company) was sold to Round Hill Investments, LLC  in a $17.3 million deal, the company’s plant in Revere, Massachusetts, has abruptly closed. Round Hill Investments has also confirmed that it has sold Necco to an unnamed candy manufacturer. They did not say whether production of the company’s candy products would resume.

“Round Hill Investments was very excited to acquire Necco’s historic brands and to be part of their national resurgence,” the company said in a statement. “After careful engagement and consideration, however, the firm decided to sell the brands to another national confection manufacturer and today announced the closure of the operations in Revere, Massachusetts.”

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Originally, Necco was sold to Spangler Candy Company at a bankruptcy auction, but that deal fell through when Spangler asked for a substantial price reduction.

The news has fans of Necco’s products, such as Necco Wafers and Sweethearts, once again concerned about the fate of their beloved candies. Necco also manufactured Mary Janes and Clark Bars.

“I mean, those Valentine’s Day hearts are definitely a part of my childhood,” Alexis Werner of Salem, Massachusetts, told NECN. “That’s pretty much the only candy I liked.”

For the approximately 230 workers at the plant in Revere, the news of the closing came as a total surprise.

“There was a statement they read off about severance pay and ‘thank you for your service’ and where you can pick up all your personal belongings,” Chris, a Necco mechanic who asked that his last name not be used, told Boston Globe of how employees were informed about the closing on Tuesday afternoon. “We were told don’t show up tomorrow [Wednesday].”

Necco is the oldest continuously operating candy company in the United States. Are you hoping there’s still a chance to snag some of your favorite Necco candies?


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