A musical based on ‘The Office’ is about to open in New York

The Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin is heading to the stage! A musical production inspired by NBC’s beloved TV show “The Office” is about to debut off-Broadway in New York.

As you know from the classic show’s numerous musical moments, including the music video they filmed while they were supposed to be working and Dwight and Michael’s “Lazy Scranton” video, those paper pushers loved any opportunity to belt a tune — even if they were just lip-dubbing it.

“The Office! A Musical Parody” is coming to New York’s Jerry Orbach Theater, starting Sept. 20. The show is being produced by playwrights Bob McSmith and Tobly McSmith, the creators of other sitcom-inspired shows “Friends! The Musical Parody” and “Full House! The Musical.”

While the show won’t star Steve Carrel, John Krasinski or the other original actors from the American TV series, there’s plenty to look forward to as a reinvented Michael Scott, Jim Halpert, Pam Beesly and others hit the stage. Who wouldn’t love a little more of “The Office” in their lives?

The show has already announced some of its cast members. Here’s a look at who’s playing both Pam and Erin:


Ticket prices range from $35-$57 depending on where you sit, and some of the dates have already sold out. So, if you’re planning to see this show you might want to purchase a seat sooner rather than later. Purchase tickets and find out all of the information you need about the production at the musical’s website.

As you might imagine, once fans of “The Office” heard the news, it was difficult for many to contain their excitement. People took to Twitter to voice their opinions about the news.

“I’m screaming oh my god,” one Twitter user wrote:

Another fan said they were willing to travel to New York upon hearing the news:

“I need to go to NY ASAP so I can see it,” Twitter user @psychnicole wrote.

Someone else has already purchased tickets to the event and couldn’t help but quote an iconic line from the show in celebration:

“That’s right! I just bought tickets to see @theofficenyc! ‘Whatcha gonna do? Make our dreams come true,” Twitter user @DoubleDecker319 wrote.


Whether you’re binge-watching “The Office” on Netflix (again) or watching the plot play out in musical form, there’s no wrong way to enjoy that show.

Seriously — can you imagine a world where we don’t get any more of “The Office?”