If you love ‘The Office,’ you’ll want all of these hilarious prayer candles

Dunder Mifflin stans rejoice! There is now a line of prayer candles celebrating all of your favorite characters from “The Office.”

These prayer candles feature Saints Dwight, Michael Scott, Jim and Pam of Dunder Mifflin, and they are just under $40 on Etsy.

Or, for the Jim and Pam groupies, get the lovey-dovey pair for just under $25, also from Etsy seller DoPrayTellcom.

Etsy / DoPrayTellcom

You can also find other hilarious options, like a prayer candle featuring “Prison Mike” (the alter ego Michael Scott adopts when he discovers Dunder Mifflin employee Martin Nash has a criminal record). For just $12, this would make a hilarious gag gift for “The Office” fan in your life.

Or, if you have a Schrute Farms fanatic in the family, then check out this sweet prayer candle featuring Dwight with gorgeous flowing locks. Etsy seller FlixWix Candles is selling this hilarious prayer candle for just $12.

Etsy / FlixWix Candles

While you are on Etsy, you might notice that celebrity and novelty prayer candles have become a major trend. From prayer candles featuring Taylor Swift to Mariah Carey to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, you now have the perfect gift option for all those frustrating times when you just can’t think of what to get the person on your list. From “Schitt’s Creek” prayer candles (from Etsy seller SaturdayMorningGlow)
to “Queer Eye” prayer candles, there is not a fandom you can’t ignite.

Etsy / SaturdayMorningGlow

You can even order customized prayer candles featuring whatever person (or pet!) you desire. Etsy seller GoSaintYourself is offering two customized prayer candles for $35. You can choose from a variety of label designs and then choose the “Saint” name you desire. You then send the seller your photo and await your gorgeous and hilarious creation.

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are coming up, as well as Teacher’s Appreciation Week (May 6-10), so this could be a memorable and chuckle-worthy gift idea for those special people in your life.