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The Ostrich Beach Chair Might Be A Game Changer For Beach Relaxation

You'll want one of these for your next vacation!

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Summer is right around the corner, and that means our dreams of warm, sunny days will be a reality before we know it. If your summer plans include time spent soaking up some sun by the pool, on the beach or even just in your background, there’s a clever chair you may not have heard about.

The Ostrich chair has been around for more than 10 years, but still flies under the radar. This three-in-one lounger takes chilling out poolside or reading a book on the beach to the next level — the next level of comfort, that is.


The chair features an innovative cushioned hole. It’s a bit like the headrest on a massage table. It has a circular cushion designed to hold your head in line with your body, surrounding an opening that fits your face. As a result, this design allows you to lie flat and continue reading a book underneath.


Belly-down is also a superb sleeping position, which makes this chair perfect for catching some shuteye under the sun. You won’t wake up with half a tan or a sunburned face. Instead, you’ll wake up rested.

But that’s not all. The lounger also features openings on the sides for both arms. You can slide each arm through and hold your book or phone or whatever else you like to keep on hand for relaxing.


Another refreshing way to use the chair is to continue sipping on your favorite drink (no sitting up required!). Cristina Robins did just that. Here’s her Instagram snap to show how it works:

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Made of durable polyester, the chair is easy to clean. Depending on the exact model, the chair includes a carrying strap, bag or backpack straps so you can tote it to your favorite pool or spot on the beach. It only weighs about 10 pounds, but it can support up to 250 pounds.

Amazon Customers Give Mixed Reviews

Reviewers on Amazon have had mixed reactions to the chair: Some love it, and found it to be exactly what they needed for poolside reading.

“Finally splurged and love it! The ladies section is great, but the arm holes are the best of all,” one reviewer wrote. “A must have for book/kindle readers!”


Others customers aren’t as satisfied. Some complained of the chair tearing after only a few uses, and others said it wasn’t sturdy or long enough for them.

“I’m 5’9″ female, 150 lbs. The chair is very short for me and my feet hang off the end bar, which is very uncomfortable,” an unhappy Amazon customer reported. “Also, I didn’t have any problems with the chest piece being uncomfortable, but the arm holes were TINY and horribly uncomfortable when I tried to lay on my stomach and put my arms through to read.”

If you think the Ostrich lounge chair could work for you and you want to give it a try, snag one on Amazon for $45.54.

The Story Behind The Chair

How did this brilliant chair come to be? It all started when Ostrich co-founder Dave D’Alessandro was on his honeymoon in 2003. He was relaxing and reading on a lounge chair, but couldn’t get comfortable on his stomach. He realized this was a common conundrum, and started sketching designs for a solution when he returned home.

With help from friends, he made his sketches a reality. Since then, his company has grown to produce a variety of outdoor furniture, and additional specialty variations of the original chair. The Ostrich Deluxe Chaise Lounge, for example, sells for $88 and includes a large storage bag.

Ostrich Chairs

Would you try out the Ostrich chair for your next beach vacation or poolside afternoon?