‘The Princess Bride’ Is Being Made Into A Musical

“The Princess Bride” is being given the musical treatment! Disney Theatrical Productions has announced that it is adapting the 1987 flick (and the 1973 book it’s based on) into a stage production.

While the adaption process may have only just begun, we already know that the original music for the adaptation will be composed by David Yazbek. Yazbek is best known for his scores to such Broadway hits as “The Full Monty” and “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.” He is also composing the music for the upcoming Broadway adaption of the 1982 film “Tootsie.”

Bob Martin and Rick Elice are writing the book for the musical. The book, also known as the libretto, holds the musical’s dialogue (the part that is not sung). Martin and Elice are both Broadway champions; Elice wrote the book for “Jersey Boys,” while Martin was responsible for the books for “The Prom,” “The Sting” and “Elf: The Musical.”

For years, there has been talk of turning “The Princess Bride” into a musical. In 2016, original director Rob Reiner told James Corden that he would love to his 1987 comedy be brought to the stage.

Getty, Charley Gallay

And back in 2014, he said that he was certain “The Princess Bride” would be wonderful as a live musical production. After all, some of the movie’s iconic lines and scenes could easily be turned into show-stopping toe-tappers.

“I think it would make a great musical,” he told WENN.com at the time. “I think the songs ‘As You Wish’ and ‘Inconceivable,’ and ‘The Battle of Wits’ just jump out at you.”

William Goldman, who originally wrote “The Princess Bride” as a novel and then adapted the book into a screenplay, passed away in November 2018. He had attempted to bring the story to Broadway in the past. In 2013, he made a deal with Disney Theatrical Productions to collaborate on the musical — but sadly, those plans never materialized.

Getty, Ray Amati

Still, it looks like we may finally be on our way to seeing “The Princess Bride” on Broadway sometime in the near future. Personally, we can’t wait to hear a song that takes place during Inigo and Westley’s amazing swordfight. Or maybe a haunting melody from Inigo about avenging his father. Plus, a tune from Miracle Max and his wife about “to blave” would be fun.

In addition to “The Princess Bride,” Disney is transforming its animated 1997 “Hercules” film into a stage musical. The Great White Way is about to become epically magical indeed!