‘The Sandlot’ is coming back as a TV show with original cast members

Good news, Smalls! “The Sandlot” is officially getting a reboot, with the 1993 cult classic getting adapted into a television series. All of the original cast members (like Tom Guiry, Mike Vitar, Chauncey Leopardi and Marty York) are reportedly on board, and a deal has been inked with a streaming service for the new episodes. We’re still waiting to learn the identity of the lucky streaming company that nabbed the project.

“The Sandlot” director David Mickey Evans — who also directed other popular family comedies like “First Kid,” “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Jr.”, “Beethoven’s 3rd” and “Beethoven’s 4th” — revealed the news about the reboot on a recent episode of the Rain Delay podcast.

Evans co-wrote “The Sandlot” script with Robert Gunter. He also directed and wrote the script for the 2005 sequel, “The Sandlot 2.”

“The Sandlot” remains one of a handful revered childhood movies that still maintains its legendary status, even years later. Seriously, just watch this trailer and try to resist getting all the nostalgic feels. It’s practically impossible!

The iconic movie recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, which in turn spurred a 25th reunion for the cast members on the “Today” show (as seen below). The film continues to inspire and entertain audiences, with MLB players like Boston Red Sox’s David Ortiz even calling director Evans and several of the cast members his heroes.

Evans has talked about the touching, powerful impact that “The Sandlot” has had on fans over the years and how people relate to the movie as so much more than just a bit of entertainment.

“I have had people come up to me, and they usually start off the conversation with ‘Mr. Evans, you don’t understand.’ So I say, ‘OK, what do I not understand?’ ‘Well you know it is not just that we like the movie, or that we love the movie, it is what it means to us,'” Evans said to Renegade Cinema.

He also added, “I had a mom tell me this, I think it was in Arkansas at Arvest Park, she said “the kids in that movie are like my kids’ siblings, they are like brothers to them, they grew up with them, they laughed, they taught them lessons and all of that sort of thing.'”

And, now, a whole new generation of kids can enjoy “The Sandlot” and its heartwarming, hilarious messages about sportsmanship and friendship. Because true legends never die!

Are you excited for the TV reboot of “The Sandlot?”