The 5 Secrets Of People That Are Always In A Good Mood

Everybody knows a person who is always in a good mood. The one that’s cracking jokes at the office on a Monday morning, and yes, even before they’ve had coffee. How do they do it? you wonder. Well here’s a secret – always being in a good mood easier than you think.

2012 study determined that 50 percent of one’s happiness is determined by genetics. You could take that fact and feel 50 percent doomed, or you could focus on the other 50 percent of happiness – it’s totally up to us.

With that, here are 5 secrets of people who are always in a good mood:

1. They Forget About The Small Things

You could spend your entire morning being mad at the Starbucks barista who messed up your order, but here’s a secret – you don’t have to.

Sure, something small happened that wasn’t ideal, but if it’s something that you’ll end up forgetting about by the end of the day anyways, then it’s worth forgetting about now.

2. They Surround Themselves With Happy People

It’s inevitable that there will be people in your life that can always find something to complain about. However, the people you choose to spend time with is in your control.

There’s a saying that joy is contagious. This study show that if you surround yourself with happier people, than you are more likely to be happy in the future.

3. They’re Good Listeners

Everybody needs a good vent session, but listening to the thoughts of others may just be what you need to increase your happiness levels.

Listening to others encourages you to hear new thoughts and will strengthen your relationships with others as they will feel a bond with you and perhaps most importantly – your knowledge levels will increase, which will also make your confidence levels increase.

4. They Make Time For Themselves

No, this isn’t selfish.

Putting aside some time for yourself during your busy day is essential to your daily happiness. Read a book, get a manicure, exercise, or do whatever will make you happy. Once you’ve done something for yourself that you like, you’ll exude positive energy that others will vibe off of.

5. They Give Gratitude When It’s Earned

When you’re feeling down about something, it will only take you seconds to think of something you have that you’re grateful for. It also only takes seconds to tell your co-worker “thank you” or to compliment them on what a great job they’ve been doing.

If you or someone around you is down and deserves gratitude, it will improve the moods of the both of you if you just voice it.