The Simplest Way To Keep The Interior Of Your Car Clean

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With or without kids, cars can become the garbage pail of your busy life. From gum wrappers, fast-food bags, coffee cups and more, stuff always seems to accumulate in and around the seats of my car.

I’ve found that when I put a plastic bag in my car, it inevitably flops out and a coffee cup or soda can rolls out, defeating the purpose of the bag.

Then I saw this idea from this Redditor.

Get a cereal container and save your grocery bags, and you have a really convenient trash recepticle.

  I know, I know, it’s not rocket science and you probably already have a bag in your car to gather trash. But hear me out. In using one of these cereal containers (and either wedging it between a seat and the console, or using velcro to secure it) stuff will stay put when you toss it inside. I also keep a package of baby wipes in my car. When I go to the drive-through auto carwash, I wipe down the console dashboard, cupholders, etc while the car is going through the wash. I used to tidy up with cleaning wipes, but found the smell to be a little overpowering (especially with the windows closed when the car is getting a bath). Also, the squishy baby wipe packs fit better in the side door compartments.

Photo by dave_7