The story behind Dorothy Lynch Salad Dressing, the popular orange condiment from Nebraska


I have many memories of my grandma’s house etched in mind. Most of them start and end in the kitchen, and they don’t all include cookies and baked goods. For example, because my grandma lived in Nebraska, I remember how she always had Dorothy Lynch in the refrigerator.

If you’re not from Nebraska — or are not lucky enough to have relatives who live there — you’re probably quite confused right now. Who is this Dorothy character and why does she hang out in the refrigerator?

Homestyle History

She is a real-life woman, but the Dorothy Lynch that called my grandmother’s refrigerator home is the Home Style Dressing. It doesn’t quite have the mass appeal of Mrs. Butterworth but, in Nebraska, it stands above all other condiments as an iconic local flavor.

It all started in the 1940s with a husband and wife team. Dorothy Lynch and her husband ran a restaurant in St. Paul, Nebraska. It was there that diners first tasted her original recipe for the vivid orange dressing. Dorothy Lynch Home Style Dressing was a hit. In fact, restaurant guests came by with their own bottles to fill up.

Production Time

It didn’t take long before Lynch realized she needed to bottle up the sweet, spicy and creamy delicacy herself. What makes it extra special is that it maintains a homemade flavor even today. That’s probably because it’s still made in the small town of Duncan, Nebraska. The state-of-the-art plant produces it practically to order. According to the brand’s website, “each bottle is code dated with a nine-month shelf life.” That makes it one of the freshest bottled dressings available.

Good Ingredients

The unique blend of spices is a carefully guarded secret. But the company is happy to share information about other ingredients. Unlike most French-style dressings, it’s tomato-based instead of oil-based. It contains no MSG, cholesterol, gluten or trans fats. All ingredients contain minimal additives and preservatives. Plus, the total fat and sodium levels are healthier than popular light ranch dressings.

You can buy the Dorothy Lynch Home Style dressing in 8-oz., 16-oz., 32-oz. and gallon-sized bottles. Originally, the bottles were glass. However, the company switched to BPA-free plastic, hourglass-shaped bottles in 2010. The new design has a wider mouth for easy pouring.

Fans already know the dressing’s versatility. It pairs well with many different recipes and goes way beyond salad. It has “endless flavorbilities.” If you’re ready to give it a taste test yourself, you can find it on both Amazon and Buy Nebraska.

Maybe try it atop your next homemade salad?

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