The Wonders Reunite For A Surprise Performance Of ‘That Thing You Do’

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Twenty one years ago, a little movie called “That Thing You Do” made its big screen debut. The movie told the story of the fictional boy band The Wonders. This week, three of the four actors who made The Wonders so wonderful recently reunited on stage to perform the catchy signature tune. Come on, sing along!

One Hit Wonders

The surprise reunion took place at a monthly comedy show in California. Cast members Tom Everett Scott (Guy ‘Shades’ Patterson), Johnathon Schaech (Jimmy Mattingly) and Ethan Embry (The Bass Player) hit the stage for a rousing rendition of “That Thing You Do.” Watch the Instagram video to catch part of the gig.

Wonders Actors Share On Social Media

Even the guys who performed on stage got caught up in the excitement of the moment. Scott, Schaech and Embry each shared their thoughts on the reunion via social media.

Don’t they look adorable with their matching shirts and skinny ties, just like in the movie?

‘The Coolest Thing In The World’

Unfortunately, movie writer, director and star Tom Hanks could not join the reunion. However, Hanks told Entertainment News Magazine, “I thought it was the coolest thing in the world!”

Steve Zahn, who played fourth Wonder Lenny Haiz, also wasn’t in attendance for the show. Yet, his former bandmates managed to channel his presence on stage with a mask and a little humor.

That Song They Do

The title song of the movie “That Thing You Do” was a catchy little number. The crowds in the movie loved it and launched The Wonders to superstardom. Movie audiences got attached enough to bring the song up to number 41 on Billboard’s weekly chart on Nov. 9, 1995.

But how did The Wonders feel about it? After all, they had to listen it constantly during filming. Let’s just say the guys may have grown a little tired of it after a while.

“I hate that song,” Embry told during an 2016 interview about the movie’s 20th anniversary. “I remember it reached that point of, like, ‘I can’t play this song one more time.’” Time heals wounds, though, and it gave Embry a sense of nostalgia for the song.

“I’m not going to, like, put it on my phone and jog to it, but I love it,” he said.

Scott couldn’t help but agree with his co-star about song fatigue at the time.

“It got to the point where it was totally appropriate to punch another person from the cast or crew if they were humming it off set,” he told

But, based on the guys’ performance the other night, it’s clear “That Thing You Do” is something special to everyone involved.


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