The world’s oldest living couple just celebrated 80 years of marriage

On Dec. 15, John and Charlotte Henderson of Austin, Texas, celebrated 80 years of marriage. But their perhaps bigger milestone is that John is 106 and Charlotte is 105.

Guinness World Records has certified them as the oldest living married couple. They are a combined 211 years old, and are both in good health for their ages.

John and Charlotte met while sitting near each other in a college class at the University of Texas at Austin in 1934. But they didn’t get married right away, as it was the Great Depression. Instead, they both worked to save some money before marrying in 1939. Their honeymoon hotel in San Antonio cost $7 a night!

Here’s the couple in a congratulatory post on Facebook from Do You Remember?’s page.

Together they have seen the invention and widespread use of many technologies including radio and television, the latter of which John told The Washington Post is his favorite invention in his lifetime — along with the jet engine.

Charlotte was a teacher and John worked for Humble Oil and Refining Co. until retiring in 1972. They enjoyed cruises around the world for many years before ending up back at a retirement home for UT alumni and staff. Now they are still regulars at football gatherings (John was a UT-Austin football player).

The pair have been lauded by many for their long, milestone-filled life together.

The Hendersons’ retirement community threw them an anniversary party recently and also posted about a visit that celeb couple Marlo Thomas and Phil Donahue made to interview the long-lasting duo.

A local radio station also recently helped John recreate his first date with Charlotte by bringing a vintage Roadster and an orchid corsage for him to surprise Charlotte with, as he did 85 years ago.

The couple never fought much and continue to eat healthy and limit their drinking. John also still goes to the gym at his retirement home.

One might also note that the Hendersons never had children, “so some people have said that’s really why we’ve lived so long!” John joked to the Post.

Congratulations to this inspiring couple!

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