Theme park put 22 teddy bears on a roller coaster and it looks like they’re having a great time

Dutch amusement park Walibi Holland had an extra-long off-season this year due to the coronavirus. But that didn’t stop its staff from making use of the roller coasters and other attractions while they waited to reopen.

The park entertained its fans on social media with guessing contests, such as a giant rubber ducky race on the El Rio Grande river. They also sent plastic, water-filled dummies on a coaster and shot whipped cream cakes off the Space Shot attraction.

The theme park also shared a very satisfying pressure washing video while cleaning the park’s entrance and virtually relaunched its Speed Zone attraction after a renovation.

But perhaps Walibi Holland‘s cutest coronavirus adventure was loading up the park’s newest roller coaster, Untamed, with 22 giant teddy bears and sending them on a wild ride with five inversions. Take a look.

You’d think the bears were alive the way they wave their hands in the air on the curves and spins and bob back and forth with the wind roaring through their fur. Despite the twists and turns, none of the bears seemed to lose their stuffing.

Facebook commenters declared the video the cutest thing they’d ever seen and wondered if the bears got to test out any of the other rides.

Over in the YouTube comments, Diary of a RollerCoaster Girl declared, “This has been the best thing I’ve seen in lockdown.”

“I love how their expressions and movements look like they are reacting to the ride,” said Ginger Bella.

And coasterzigner said, “Never have I wanted to be a teddy bear more in my life!”

Others suggested keeping the bears in the empty seats between riders now that the coaster is filled in a socially distanced manner. (The park reopened May 25 with reservation-only tickets available and a maximum daily capacity.)

Walibi Holland

If you’re lucky enough to visit Walibi Holland someday, similar giant bears can be won at some of the attractions. Tickets to the roller coaster not included.