There’s a ‘Christmas Vacation’ inflatable just begging to be set up in your yard

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If you’re looking to outdo the neighbors this season (especially Margo and Todd!), then Home Depot has just the lawn ornament for you. Once the house is all strung up in lights, this piece will make the perfect finishing touch to your yuletide yard display.

The home and garden center is now selling a “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”-inspired inflatable that is eight feet in length — in other words, this thing would even show up Santa’s sleigh. It rings in at $129, but the purchase is totally worth it if you’re a fan of the Christmas film — or if you just want to be the most noteworthy house on the block this year.

The 1989 film centers around the Griswold family and their many foiled attempts at preparing a magical holiday celebration. So, not only is the film relatable, it’s a great watch for the entire family!

Once you’ve re-watched the film, you can head down to Home Depot and purchase the inflatable that was inspired by the Griswold family’s trip to get a giant Christmas tree for their home:

Home Depot

Thankfully, the set up of this inflatable won’t be nearly as difficult as it was to set up the Griswolds’ Christmas Tree. Just in case you need a little reminder of how that went, here’s a clip from YouTube:

To make your holidays a little easier, this thing self-inflates and will be plenty bright through the night due to its LED lighting.

If you’re looking to add even more Griswold-related holiday decor to your home, you can also find this Clark Griswold cutout online. It’s going for $44.99 on Amazon, and with this placed in your window and the car in the front yard, your “Christmas Vacation” set-up will be nearly complete.


The only way to top it off will be to make sure the entire family is decked out in “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”-inspired pajamas, too.

These pajamas come printed with the same tree-carrying car as the inflatable, so you and the family will be able to take your commitment to the season to an entirely new level. Matching sets are available from $4.49-$11.39 on Amazon.


With decorations like these, you’ll be well on your way to having a fun old-fashioned family holiday. Oh, and remember — don’t hog the nog!

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