There’s A Keurig-Like Machine That Will Make You Cocktails

Have you ever wanted a personal bartender?  Or just wanted a nice cocktail without the prep time?  Well, a new invention is coming that will work just like a Keurig for cocktails.  It’s called Bartesian.

Basically, you preload bottles of rum, gin, vodka, and tequila into the machine (the equivalent of water in a Keurig).  Then you add your desired flavor pod and hit start.  Bartesian will mix the appropriate liquor in with the flavor pod to make the perfect cocktail.

The current drink options include Sex on the Beach, Cosmopolitan Margarita, Bartesian Breeze, Uptown Rocks, and Zest Martini. More drinks are planned as they finalize the fundraising.

The project was initially conceived on Kickstarter and quickly reached its goals.  When available, it will sell for $299 and is expected to ship in October.   You can pre-order the Bartesian on their website.