There’s A Museum of Ice Cream And You Need to Go

For a just under a month, the greatest museum of all time will be open in New York City’s Meatpacking District—a Museum of Ice Cream. There will be cones. There will be a massive see-saw shaped like an ice cream scoop. THERE WILL BE A POOL OF SPRINKLES YOU CAN ACTUALLY SWIM IN.

Opening on July 29 and closing August 31, the museum will surely be a hot ticket. Visitors can explore a chocolate room and even become part of a human ice cream sundae, according to Refinery 29. If this all sounds good, the best is yet to come: The museum will also feature something called the Future Food Studio, where people can enjoy a tasting led by Dr. Irwin Adam, a “food futurist” who works to explore the intersection of food and technology.

There will also be “Scoop of the Week” tastings provided by NYC ice cream superstars.

You can never have too many options ✨

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Tickets are $18 per person or $30 for two people and are available for purchase on the museum’s website. If you’re brave enough, try the museum on opening day when admission is free between 11 am and 3 pm. Either way, ice cream is included.