There’s A New Gadget That Will Tell You How Many Calories Are In Your Food

Have you ever wondered how many calories are in something you are eating? This can be especially true if you have a health condition in which you need to monitor your daily food intake.

This is exactly with SCiO aims to do.  It is a small gadget that scans your food to reveal nutritional details including carbs, calories, and fat. The goal of SCiO is to help people monitor their food intake and develop a plan to eat healthier.

So how does this futuristic gadget actually work?  SCiO uses a molecular light sensor to determine the chemical makeup of your food. The information is then sent to an app on your smartphone called Diet Sensor and will provide a pretty slick display of the food.

This was so interesting that it won an innovation award at the big Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year.

The gadget is aimed at people with diabetes and other health conditions.  It was originally designed because one of the founders has a nine-year-old daughter with type 1 diabetes and he wanted a better way for her to manage her food.