There’s A Cat Sanctuary In Hawaii Where You Can Cuddle With Hundreds Of Cats

Hawaii is considered paradise. And, if you’re a cat lover, there’s a spot in Hawaii that is heaven on Earth. Say aloha to the Lanai Cat Sanctuary, a 25,000-square-foot shelter where cats roam free and humans can visit seven days a week.

Take a peek:

Located on the small Hawaiian island of Lanai, (98 percent of which is owned by tech multi-multi-billionaire Larry Ellison) the open-air sanctuary was founded in 2008.


More than 500 cats are currently in residence, and all are available for adoption or foster, according to HelloGiggles. Any cats that aren’t adopted or fostered can spend their entire lives there.

If you’re interested in one of their furry friends, here’s the contact info.


Here’s how to make a donation.


And if you’re in the area (we wish!), you’ll need their address.


Unless noted, all images from Lanai Cat Sanctuary/Facebook.