There’s A New Breed Of Cat That Looks Like A Werewolf And Has A Dog’s Personality

“Are you a cat or dog person?”  That question has endured through the ages. However, thanks to a new breed of cat, that has the gothic look of a werewolf, you may be able to get the best of both worlds.

The new breed of cat is called a Lykoi and is said to have the physical look of a cat while having the personality of a dog.

The Lykoi cats have short shaggy fur that grows lightly on the their faces and ears.  This gives them a very unique and mysterious look. The traits of the Lykoi are thought to have been a natural evolution from the standard short-haired feral cats.

They were initially bred a few years ago when veterinarian John Gobble received a pair of non-related cats with the genetic mutations. The first breed resulted in personalities that were more dog-like, but still had some of level of independence so they can entertain themselves.    Gobble described the personality of the Lykoi cats in a FAQ on his website:

I like to compare the Lykoi to hunting dogs. They are extremely loyal to their owners (slaves), very scent motivated (yes, many cats are…but these guys go almost ‘on point’ when they get a whiff of something!), and very intelligent. They are aware of EVERYTHING going on around them. They can be clingy at times, but generally if you are too busy to snuggle they will take ‘no’ as an answer and will go amuse themselves…as long as they are close enough to keep an eye on you!

Here’s a few comments from some owners:

We have had our two little Wolfies since November 2013, they were both born on August 16, same Dad, different Moms. We fell in love with them on our drive home to Michigan. After their solitary confinement they quickly became friends with our two Sphynx.  Both of them are lap kitties and extremely affectionate. Baxter loves to play catch, he literally catches things you toss at him.  He is a bit too intelligent at times, he figures things out that we would rather he didn’t know!  Lexi has the sweetest little face ever, she is such a sweet girl, but a bit of a troublemaker at times. Then she looks at you with that innocent face, and all is forgiven!! We just love them so much, they have been wonderful additions to our family!


He loves human companionship! Wilbur is always following me around the house and sitting on my lap.  There is never any “alone or private” time for me. LOL!


Let me first start by saying I am a pet mom to not only an amazing Lykoi boy named Fenris, but also to two beautiful Sphynx and a Chihuahua. I say this because even my mind was blown by how very special and different these wolf cats can be!

Unfortunately, these special cats fall under the “designer breed” category and currently cost $2,500.  Hopefully, as they become more popular the supply will increase and ultimately drop the price of these gothically-cute cats.