There’s Now An Abs Challenge To The Tune Of ‘Baby Shark’


Get ready to hear “Baby Shark” even more! Most parents have had the Pinkfong “Baby Shark” tune stuck in their heads a time or two already. So you likely know exactly how annoying the seemingly harmless song can be. The melody does keep the kids entertained, however — which is precisely why it’s so easy to have a love-hate relationship with it.

Now that a “Baby Shark” abs challenge exists, you may hear it even more. This tune is just over a minute and 30 seconds long. But considering these ab moves keep your core engaged the entire time, you’re going to feel the burn.

A video posted to Stacie Ridley’s YouTube channel shows how the ab challenge works. Every time a new verse begins, it’s time to move on to a new ab exercise. So, beginning with Baby Shark and going all the way through “It’s the end,” you’ll be working your ab muscles.

The girls in the video show you how it’s done, and they even make it look easy. However, my abs were feeling a little sore after just watching this video:

People who have been inspired to try this out are hoping to see some serious payoffs after all of this hard work.

Twitter user @monicamarie11 wrote that she better “have a 6 pack” after doing the ab challenge daily (note: there’s a curse word in the tweet):

Others have filmed themselves doing the challenge and posted about it online — because there needs to be proof, after all.

Twitter user @FiAGVL showed some adults taking on the challenge:

Both adults and kids have been brave enough to give this a try, as the @RBCSPE Twitter account demonstrated:

Some people, though, have expressed how adamantly opposed they are to the ab workout.

User @Lurpee wrote, “No, I will not be doing the Baby Shark Ab Challenge” in a tweet. Because why do an abs workout when you could just relax on the couch? Especially when it gets “Baby Shark” stuck in your head…again?

And those who have tried it definitely admit that it’s more difficult than it may look.

Twitter user @_Casadillas_ swears the Baby Shark Ab Challenge is tough:

As long as you’re listening to the song on repeat constantly anyway, you might as well channel it into a great workout. Will you and the kiddos be trying this out?

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