There’s now a Carpool Karaoke board game

YouTube/The Late Late Show with James Corden

Do you wait with bated breath for James Corden to release each new installment of Carpool Karaoke? We don’t blame you. And now, there’s a brand new game inspired by those videos that allows you to bring the fun right into your own living room.

Inspired by the popular segment on “The Late Late Show With James Corden,” the new Carpool Karaoke board game from Big G Creative will have you not only singing along to your favorite songs but also dancing and playing trivia, all to see if you have what it takes to ride shotgun with James Corden.

Do you think you can make the cut? Here’s a look at how the real Carpool Karaoke is done by none other than Sir Paul McCartney:

Here’s how the new board game works. Using your favorite music app or streaming service, choose a song and then select a challenge card. Spin a wheel to find out if you have to “sing it,” “work it” or answer a piece of trivia. You and your friends and family members will go on to discover your inner divas, display some disco moves and celebrate just how well each of you knows music. You may even be challenged to post your performance on social media!

Big G Creative

The game contains a dashboard, 200 challenge cards and four share-it tokens. For ages 12 and up, it requires at least three players and around 30 minutes of your time. You’ll need a streaming music app, like Spotify, but everything else is included with the game.

You can find it now at Target for around $19.99. Take a look at this video that explains exactly how to play:

Big G Creatives are the brains behind a whole slew of hilarious games like “Bob Ross: Art of Chill,” in which the goal of the game is to finish one of Ross’ masterpieces before he does in order to earn “chill points.” The person with the most chill wins the game!

Big G Creative

They also just released another new game that’s based on music: “Kenny G ‘Keepin’ It Saxy.'” This game is based on the daily trials (a lost wallet, a broken part on his saxophone, a traffic jam, running out of hair product and mismatched socks) in the life of world-renowned saxophone superstar Kenny G. The object of this game is to work together and use the power of smooth jazz to keep Kenny G “in the groove,” despite the setbacks.


Will you be purchasing the new Carpool Karaoke board game? What’s your favorite song to sing at karaoke?

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