There’s now a floating taco and cocktail bar in the Caribbean

Lime Out VI

Since devastating hurricanes blew through and caused plenty of damage in 2017, locations in the Caribbean have been rebuilding. Today, the islands are better than ever and ready to welcome tourists.

Need proof? Look no further than the floating taco and cocktail bar docked in Coral Bay, St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Mobile food vendors aren’t novel in the islands, but this particular business certainly is.

Be warned — this dining spot is irresistible and may cause you to book a plane ticket to St. John immediately.

Lime Out opened in March with an innovative new concept: It floats. The houseboat-turned-restaurant serves up craft cocktails and delectable, locally inspired food. It’s part-food truck, part-boat and all-around delicious. Co-owner Richard Baranowski told the St. John Source that opening day was the “best day ever!”

Here’s a video of the Lime Out’s location in the middle of sparkling waters, posted by the official Instagram account on March 12:

Baranowski and his two business partners dreamed up Lime Out after being inspired by their time on the water and the success of Pizza Pi, a floating pizza parlor on neighboring St. Thomas. They cook all the food at the Lime Inn, an already popular Cruz Bay restaurant owned by Baranowski and his wife and launched by his in-laws.

Waterfront Service

So, where is this fantastic floating taco heaven? You’ll find it 200 feet off the beach in Coral Bay, accessible only by water. The owners recommend arriving via paddleboard, kayak or boat. Basically, “bring something so you can enjoy your taco and cocktail without treading water,” they wrote on Lime Out’s Facebook page.

Swimming to the establishment won’t work, however. The restaurant won’t serve guests without some sort of ride. That’s to ensure the guests can safely swim back. Several potential customers have already requested shuttle service on the eatery’s Facebook page, but there are no updates on that yet.

Fast Food

One side of the boat offers float-thru service while the other features a water-level bar and submerged seating for anyone who wants to linger longer. This is the ideal spot to sip on margaritas and fruit-filled rum drinks while soaking up some vitamin “sea.”

Take a look at the accommodations here, in another Instagram post from @limeoutvi. No wonder these guests are smiling!

Going Green

Lime Out is good for the environment, too. It runs off solar power. Servers pour cocktails into reusable Corkcicle cups, which are available for purchase. They serve tacos and other food in biodegradable containers, and there are absolutely no straws.

Plus, they keep waste onboard until the end of each day and transport it back to Cruz Bay. The eatery’s owners really thought of every little detail. In fact, the menus are waterproof and biodegradable as well.

Here’s Lime Out sharing an Instagram image of those souvenir-worthy reusable cups:

On those eco-menus, you’ll get taco options like citrus-marinated ceviche, blackened grilled shrimp or surf and turf. In addition, try clever cocktails, including the Mudda Tucker, which features chocolate, peanut butter and rum, and Flip’s Grapefruit Margarita.

It’s no surprise Lime Out’s early customers have shared rave reviews and many others are eagerly anticipating their own chance to visit. Commenters on the Facebook page are using adjectives such as “awesome,” “best” and “delish” to describe the food there.

Tacos aren’t just for Tuesdays anymore! At least, not when you’re out in the middle of the ocean.

Are you ready to splurge on plane tickets to visit this unique new eatery?

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