There’s now a Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift themed lipstick

Fireball lipstick

Fireball Whisky is celebrating Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s romance by releasing something very, very unlike their other products: lipstick.

New Fireball Whisky Cinnamon Delight lipstick has a cinnamon flavor and aroma. While not an official Swift and Kelce themed product, it certainly takes queues from the now iconic couple. The Cinnamon Delight shade is a bold red hue a la Swift’s signature color (and the brand’s own palette), and the lipstick also pays tribute to Kelce, who was seen taking a shot of Fireball from a fan during last year’s Super Bowl championship parade.

The lipstick is available from Fireball’s website now for a limited time, so you’ll want to grab one quickly. It is priced at $13.87, representing Swift’s favorite number and Kelce’s jersey.

Fireball lipstick

$13.87 at Fireball Whisky

Fireball is not the only brand that appears to be in their Taylor Swift era.

Mattel has announced two new Barbie dolls that celebrate the 49ers and the Chiefs, the two teams competing in this year’s Super Bowl. Both dolls bear some resemblance to Swift, with twisted pigtails, a jersey for each team, a Super Bowl LVIII hat and a foam finger.

You can pre-order either doll now, but only the doll representing the winning team will actually be made. If you pre-order the other one, you’ll get a refund.

Super Bowl LVIII Barbie

Chiefs Doll – $30 at Mattel 49ers Doll – $30 at Mattel

Swift has been making quite an impact on the NFL this season, with her appearance at some Kansas City Chiefs games causing ticket prices to soar by more than 40%.

While there’s no confirmation just yet that Swift will actually be at the Super Bowl, chances are pretty high that she’ll make an appearance — despite having a concert in Tokyo the night before.

You can watch Super Bowl XVIII on CBS or stream it live on Paramount+ on Feb. 11. Kick-off between the Chiefs and 49ers is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. EST.

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