There’s Now An App That Will Wake You With A Sexy Frenchman’s Voice


Want a sexy man’s French voice to wake you up? Or how about Italian? Or British? Everyone loves an accent, right? So why not create an iPhone app that’s an alarm clock with an accent? That’s exactly what Grace Huang Inc did with “THE MORNING MAN Alarm Clock.” Best. Invention. Ever.

The app describes it as the following:

THE MORNING MAN® Alarm Clock App is the best way to wake up and start your day. Listen to sweet, sexy, and romantic voices of different men from around the globe waking you up every morning! Why have a loud chirp or a bell as an alarm when you could wake up with a real Morning Man®?

Would you prefer a sweet Scotsman to wake you? A sexy Frenchman offering you a coffee? An Italian whispering sweet nothings while you hit the snooze button over and over? A romantic Brit to be the first voice you hear in the morning?

With THE MORNING MAN® Alarm Clock App, change the way you start your day. We promise that your mornings will never be the same…

Pretty hard to say no to that, right?

The American and French accents are free, but the others will each cost you $0.99. However, for a limited time, you can get the whole bundle for just $0.99—the Australian, Brazilian, British, Italian, Scottish and Spanish voices. (A steal, if you ask me!) More voices are being developed as you read this!

Here’s what reviewers are saying so far:

“Everyone should have this app—can’t imagine waking up to those dreadful Apple ringtones anymore. I have encouraged all of my friends and family to download this… Everyone loves it! Great idea… Can’t wait to see what voices you roll out next” —Jenny L G 123456


“Just downloaded and i’m using it already! I fancy these voices! Might make my hubby a little jealous hehe ;). Once downloaded, the American and French are the first free voices, everything else will need an upgrade. So worth it!” —Kgxzkxtixohxphc


You can see the alarm in action here, a male’s exotic voice seductively saying, “It’s time to wake up, my love.” (Note: An actual man is not included. I know—we’re sad, too.)

Click here to download this app

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My only question is: When will it be available for Androids?!