There’s A Chocolate Bar That Can Help Relieve Period Cramps

If you’re accustomed to loading up on a combination of chocolate, Midol, wine and Ibuprofen during your *special* time of the month, I feel you.

But what if I told you there were a candy bar that could act as a chocolate fix and cramp reliever in one? Well, that would certainly shorten your list of needs from four items to two. You’ve got to keep the wine, after all.

Hello Giggles introduced us to this grand chocolate discovery. It’s been made by a company called Chocolate with Love, and at the head of the company is Marc Widmer, who, according to The Independent, used to be a pastry chef at some leading restaurants around the world.

OK, so you had me at chocolate, but knowing that these bars have been crafted by a master chef makes them even better. The publication reports that the candy bar is 60 percent cocoa and 17 percent Swiss mountain herbs that are known for relieving menstrual pain.

According to Cosmopolitan, The “Frauenmond” bar, which translates to “Women’s Moon,” uses the combined herbs and serotonin in the cocoa to have a calming effect on the body.

Widmer described the sensation to 20 Minuten as, “reassuring, harmonizing, and at the same time very delicious.” Of course, this chocolate bar can be eaten by men, too. They just might not get the exact same kind of pleasure from it as women do!

The chocolate bar retails for around $12.80, so it may not be the cheapest form of “medication” around that time of the month, but hey, if you can have your chocolate and soothe your cramps at the same time, it’s worth it.

Check out the Chocolate with Love website to learn more about the soothing properties of this chocolate bar. It seems as though it’s only available in Switzerland at the moment, but here’s to hoping it’ll become available in the U.S. and in other countries soon. Because women everywhere could use a piece or four of this miracle worker!