There’s Now A Monopoly Hotline To Settle All Your Disputes This Holiday Season

Fun fact... 51% of Monopoly games end in an argument or fight.

It’s nice to get together during the holidays and spend time with the people you love — that is, until you get into an argument over the rules of your favorite board game. Nothing kills the holiday spirit quite like bickering over if it was really your right to “pass go”. Luckily, if you happen to play Monopoly, this year, you won’t have to worry about the rest of your vacation being tainted by a disagreement that won’t end: Hasbro, the creators of the classic game, have set up a holiday hotline to help settle any gaming disputes.

In a survey done by the company, they found that most players are widely unfamiliar with official Monopoly rules. This of course leads to disputes over the game, with “people making up rules” as the number one issues for arguments.

In fact, according to The Sun UK, a survey of 2,000 adults found that 51% of Monopoly games end in some type of argument or fight. Hasbro wants everyone to get along this holiday season, so they’ve made things easier for families and created a hotline to mediate issues.

Experts will be on hand with the official rulebooks to settle any arguments, and they will be trained to resolve common complaints. The hotline will be up at the peak of the Christmas time from December 24th to 26th, but it will only be running through Hasbro UK.  They expect to receive a “flood” of calls Christmas Day around 6 pm. For anyone who needs a little help, the UK-based hotline number is 0800 689 4903.

In a kind holiday gesture, Hasbro will also be offering callers the chance to make a donation to Childline when they call, because it turns out there’s a lot of more to life than just winning a board game.

And if you think you can get away with refusing to acknowledge landing on someone’s property or stealing money from the bank, think again. These are the two most common forms of cheating, according to Hasbro, and that hotline rep will be waiting to bust you.

Happy playing and good luck!