There’s an umbrella for your dog for all of the rainy days ahead


There have been some pretty ridiculous inventions for dogs. Strollers, their own mini-camping trailers—so a dog umbrella is definitely not outside the realm of possibility.

In fact, you can find quite a few options available online.

Amazon, Walmart and PetSmart all carry versions that clip to a leash so you can shield your dog while you’re taking it for a walk in the rain.


This isn’t a new invention, but a recent video showing how this contraption works recently garnered 54 million views online.

Clearly, pet owners are enamored with the idea of keeping their dogs dry.

Based on the comments the Facebook video received, people are either really into the idea of doggy umbrellas or they’re not. There seems to be no in-between, and it all comes down to the type of pet owner you are, honestly.

Although one person who seemed to like the idea of keeping their pooch protected from the rain did mention that the umbrella actually scared their dog.

“My dog HATED this. The rain hitting it made it so loud for her she ran into the dog house and the umbrella broke folding outward. Life lesson. I may have laughed, and may be laughing thinking about it,” the Facebook user wrote.

This is a good point. Just so you can be aware that your dog might not necessarily have a positive reaction to having its very own umbrella.


Some dogs may like being pushed in a stroller, and others may not. Same goes with this umbrella, apparently.

So perhaps it’s less about what the humans want and more about what the dogs want. But don’t let your pet catch on to the fact that they call the shots—because then they’ll have to re-evaluate all of those sweaters you make them wear, too. 😉

You can find these umbrellas for less than $10 online. Will you be adding one to your household to face all of those summer storms?

You and Fido will have to come to some sort of an agreement.


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