These adorable tiny ‘tattoo’ onesies make babies look like rock stars


Babies are known for their adorably squishable arms and legs. But now, their squishy appendages are getting a rock-star upgrade. With “tattoo” onesies, you can now make it look like your baby or toddler has a full sleeve of tats.

Babywear company Weslio has a line of tattoo rompers that will make your little one look like they’re a member of the Hell’s Angels or a hardcore emo band. And best of all, this “tattooed” look is only pretend. Which makes it a fun fashion choice for when you need an easy Halloween costume or for when you just want to freak out your mother-in-law.

The baby tattoo romper is available at a deep discount right now, having dropped from $29.95 to $19.95. It comes in black, gray and white. The sizes range from newborn to 24 months.


If your toddler has aged out of baby sizes, don’t worry. You can still give them the rock star treatment with the Weslio Biker Tat Shirt. From size 2T to size 7, this long-sleeve T-shirt is not just a cozy layering option but will make your little one look an “Inked” model.


And of course, adults need to get in on the fun too!

Be the coolest family on the block by rocking your tattoo sleeves together. The Osbournes will have nothing on you!


You can find similar “tattooed” tops on Etsy, like this “Rocker in Training” tattoo sleeve shirt from seller TotTude.

Etsy, TotTude

Or give new meaning to the words “Mama’s Boy” with this cozy 100% cotton tee that will make your big boy look tough and tender at the same time. Find it on Etsy, also from from seller TotTude.

Etsy, TotTude

Pair these tees with a pair of sunglasses and temporary hair color and you’ll have the perfect “rock star” costume for trick or treating.

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