These Amazing Kinetic Lights Bloom Like Flowers

This is too cool. Inspired by how flowers open and bloom, Dutch company, Studio Drift, made these stunningly beautiful and functional works to illuminate a room.

Shylight movie by Studio Drift (teaser) from Studio DRIFT on Vimeo.

After five years of imagineering, designing and tinkering, their finished product has come to life.

Called the, “Shylight,” they’re made out of aluminum, LED’s, polished stainless steel, robotics and layers of silk.

According to their description on the site, “Certain types of flowers close at night, for self-defense and to conserve their resources. This highly evolved natural mechanism is called nyctinasty, and inspired Studio Drift to create Shylight, a light sculpture that unfolds and retreats in a fascinating choreography mirroring that of real flowers.”

When the lights go through their cycle, the layers of silk fall and rise 30 feet, giving it an extremely life-like and delicate appearance.

You can see them in action at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

[h/t: Where Cool Things Happen]