These Are The 7 Secrets Of People With Tidy Homes

Whether you have kids or are a single bachelor, it is possible to have a tidy home. I’m not talking about white-glove clean, but well-enough put together that if a friend unexpectedly stops by, you aren’t embarrassed at how your house looks.

Here’s seven secrets of people that have clean homes, that you can easily adopt too.

1. They Get Rid Of Unused Items

It’s easier to keep a tidy home when you have less to organize. Do yourself a favor – every 3 months, pick a room and donate items that you hadn’t touched in the previous 3 months. If an item has sentimental value, consider other ways you could put it to use in your home or lend it to another family member that might enjoy its purpose too.

2. They Clean As They Go About Their Day

What may be super-obvious can actually be a hard habit to pick up. However, super-clean people do this without thinking: picking up things (and immediately putting them away) as they go from room to room. They also clean the kitchen while they cook. It’s multi-tasking at its finest.

3.  They Keep Their Counters Clean and Sparse

By keeping their counters pretty empty, it creates a sense of organization and makes the room look nicer.  Doing this each day also prevents more and more stuff from piling up in the room.  You will also avoid having long clean-up times because there should never be too much to pick up.

4. They Put Dishes Away In The Morning

While waiting for their coffee or tea to brew, clean people put away the dishes from the night before. Whether that be the ones left out to air-dry, or emptying the dishwasher, coming home to a tidy kitchen in the evening makes it that much easier to wrap up your day on a good note.

5. They Understand “Clean” And “Spotless” Are Different

Let’s face it, your home is never going to be as clean as you want. There is always a baseboard to dust, grout to scrub, and a drawer to organize – but you literally can’t get to it all at once. The secret? Pick a room every other week to deep scrub. This will will make tasks less overwhelming while keeping you on track.

6. They Make Order & Tidiness A Daily Routine

Whether that’s packing lunches after dinner (one mess, vs. another in the morning when you’re tight on time), wiping water spots immediately off the coffee table, or putting away blankets and laundry every evening before bed, people with clean homes keep a tidy space not by scheduling a time to pick up the big messes, but organizing little ones as they go.

 7. They Don’t Have A Mail Pile

Everyday, you get a pile of mail. It comes at about the same time and you can pretty much predict what’s in it: junk, an unwanted magazine, bills, and a credit card or TV offer. Every evening, tidy people spend 10 minutes sorting through their mail. They take action on items that need it and immediately discard the rest. This not only helps cut the clutter, but reduces the chance an important bill or notice doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.

[h/t: Huffington Post]