The 6 best food items to stockpile in case of an emergency

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With the news cycle full of wildfires, hurricanes, floods and countless other natural and man-made threats, it’s natural feel paranoid and scared about what the future holds. If you’re anxious about the state of the world, take a deep breath and take some practical steps to prepare for emergencies. Chances are you won’t need to use your emergency supplies but, if you do, you’ll be ready.

A key part of emergency preparedness is stockpiling food and water for emergency situations. Buying bottled water is simple enough. But what are the best food options? What will keep for long periods of time? What won’t go bad if you don’t have power for refrigeration? What foods are nutritious enough to keep you healthy and feeling full?

Here are 10 food items that pass the test:

1. Canned Vegetables

Raw vegetables don’t stay fresh for long periods of time, and frozen ones require refrigeration. Canned vegetables, however, are a great alternative. Just remember to include a can opener with your emergency supplies!

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2. Peanut Butter

Full of protein and healthy fat, peanut butter is a great option because it’s filling, fairly healthy and doesn’t require refrigeration. (Some brands/types of peanut butter do call for refrigeration after opening, so check the label before you buy.)

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3. Dried Fruit

Dried fruits like apricots, mangoes, raisins and bananas provide fiber and sweetness. Trader Joe’s has some great options.

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4. Crackers

Look for whole wheat crackers with the latest possible expiration dates. These are a great option because they’re filling, healthy and pair well with other items in your emergency pantry.

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5. Canned Soups

Contrary to the famous “Seinfeld” quote that “soup’s not a meal,” in an emergency situation, canned soup is indeed as filling and satisfying as a full meal. Add some of those crackers on the side and eat up!

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6. Canned Tuna

Protein is key here, and meat is a great source of protein. Since fresh meat spoils so quickly, canned fish and other meats like canned chicken or turkey can provide the protein boost you need while lasting a long time with no refrigeration needed. Again, just make sure you pack that can opener!

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