These Bath Bombs Are Made To Help Your Sick Kids Feel Better

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With the colder weather still in full swing and spring allergy season following close behind, you’re going to need your parental supply kit ready to handle sniffles, coughs and more to keep your baby feeling good over the next few months. So make sure your bathroom is stocked with these bath bombs from Fridababy because they’re made to get your little one feeling better in no time.

The BreatheFrida Natural Vapor Bath Bombs are made with eucalyptus and lavender oils to help your baby feel less congested just by breathing in the scents. Plus, since these smells come packaged as fizzy bath bombs, they’ll bring some extra fun to bath time. All you have to do is drop one in the water and, as it dissolves, it begins to work its soothing magic.

The product description points out that these will work for adults, too, so feel free to use them to help anyone in your household who’s feeling under the weather.

You can find a pack of three bath bombs on the Fridababy website for $7.99. They’re also available through retailers such as Target and Amazon for the same price.


If cold remedies in the form of a soothing bath are what you’re after, these aren’t the only products on the market. You can even find products online that claim to help you beat something as serious as the flu.

The cold and flu remedy bath treatment below retails for $36 on Amazon, but considering it’s received only four- and five-star reviews online, it could be well worth the purchase:


If you’re concerned about the ingredients not being safe enough for your baby, you can always try your hand at DIY-ing a bath bomb that will get your baby feeling well again.

For instance, these bath bombs from Emmy in her Element call for little more than baking soda, corn starch and essential oils to create a gentle, soothing bath time remedy.

Emmy in her Element

You could also place a couple of drops of pure essential oils into the bathwater to get the same soothing scents when it’s time for baby’s bath. But where’s the fun in that?

No matter which route you go, a calming bath will likely go a long way in helping your kids feel as good as new. So the next time a cold strikes — you know what to do!