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These Cable Bites Are The Cutest Way To Repair A Fraying Phone Cord

These are cute and functional to boot!

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If you’re a cell phone owner, chances are you’ve had to deal with at least one frayed phone charging cord in your day. But thanks to a Japanese company called Dreams, there’s a way you can protect your phone charging cable and keep it looking cuter than ever.

The latest phone accessories you need in your life are called Cable Bites, and once you see them — it’ll be hard to resist making a purchase.

These cable protectors are shaped like animals, and are made to sit at the base of your cable, where it connects to your phone. You can find them in the shape of adorable bunnies, scary (but still cute) sharks, puppies and more. These little animals have open mouths, almost as if they’re ready to chow down on your charging cord — which explains their “Cable Bites” name.

They’re available for purchase online through retailers such as Amazon and Urban Outfitters. They can get pricey (in the $30 range) through Amazon, but they’re going for just $6 on the Urban Outfitters website.

Here are just a few of the animals you could have protecting your phone charger when you shop from UO.

There’s this pink bunny:

Urban Outfitters

And this tiny, hungry panda:

Urban Outfitters

There are some different animal choices available through Amazon. For instance, there’s this little sheep going for $10.


And this cute kitty is available from $29.74.


But if you don’t want to spend money in order to keep your phone charger from completely falling apart, there’s another way — a DIY trick that won’t cost you a thing. The iPhoneHacksTV YouTube channel demonstrates how you can keep your cords intact using a spring from a pen:

If you do this before your cable ever starts to fray, you’re likely to significantly prolong the life of the cable. Prevention is key!

Of course, adding a cute accessory that’s also functional is a super fun option, too. How you protect your cable is up to you, however, so long as you’re able to keep your phone charged and ready to go!