These College Roommates Planned Their Incredible Dorm Decor Through Social Media—And Their Room Looks Amazing

Going away to college can be an exciting — yet still emotional — time for teenagers. But for two fashion-conscious young women, heading to college meant the chance to turn their dorm room into a sparkling, magical home away from home!

College freshmen Hannah Whitford and Olivia Terry were both set to major in fashion merchandising at Mercyhurst University in Erie, Pennsylvania. When the two crossed paths on the Mercyhurst fashion Instagram page, they immediately clicked, and they decided to be roommates. Once that was settled, they spent the summer finalizing the details of their dorm room decor.

In an interview with Teen Vogue, Terry said, “We met in person for the first time at orientation in June and kept in touch over the summer to plan our dream dorm room. Thanks to social media and texting, we managed to pull it off!”

Terry’s interest in style runs in the family. “My mother is a designer, and owns a brick and mortar store called Chasing Quinn,” Terry told Teen Vogue. “She was able to help us figure out a floor plan, and find the right decor items to make our vision come alive!”

With help from Terry’s mom, the girls were inspired to transform their ordinary dorm room into a cozy and sophisticated living space, with most of their room decor coming from HomeGoods, Chasing Quinn and DormCo. The result of their efforts is a stylish, luxe room for two decorated in shades of gray, white and blush pink. In addition to their own coffee bar, the girls completed their room with delightfully feminine touches such as luxurious throws, sequined pillows and strands of twinkle lights.

The girls intended to bring their love of fashion, and their shared interest in fashion merchandising, into their decor. “Being in the same major is how we met one another, so it makes it special to incorporate that into our living space,” Terry said.

Turning a dingy dorm room into something special takes teamwork, creativity and vision. It’s clear that these two roomies are more than ready to take on college life in trendy style!