These Creme Brulee Cookies Might Become Your New Favorites

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Creme brulee is one of those fancy desserts that you expect to enjoy only on special occasions. But, with these creative and fun recipes for creme brulee cookies, you can enjoy these sweet and fancy desserts anytime.

Crème brûlée” is French for “burnt cream,” and as the name implies, it is created by using a torch to crystallize the sugar on top of a custard dish.

But, with creme brulee cookies, you can now create this same crispy-sweet effect on top of a sugar cookie, rather than a ramekin of custard.

Averie Cooks makes her creme brulee cookies with butter, granulated sugar, powdered sugar, almond extract and vanilla extract. Here’s the end result:

Averie Cooks

In her post about the recipe, she reminds readers that Julia Child once said that every woman needs a kitchen torch. And she puts hers to good use by frosting her cookies with a cream-cheese based frosting, then taking the torch to it to lightly crisp the icing and create that beautiful brulee effect.

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No torch? No problem. Cookies and Cups has a recipe for creme brulee cookies that calls for making a small indentation in the middle of a sugar cookie, filling it with creamy frosting and then sticking it under the broiler for just 30 seconds to caramelize.

Yum! They look pretty good even without the torch:

Cookies and Cups

For her creme brulee cookies, the Starving Chef uses a kitchen torch to caramelize the topping, but she uses pudding mix in order to save time.

You can watch her prepare the cookies on her YouTube channel:

How perfect would these cookies be at your holiday party, or even as gifts to family and friends? Hey, any excuse to use a torch! Julia Child would approve.