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These Gyros Slices Are So Popular Sam’s Club Is Now Selling Them Year-Round

Will you be picking up a box of these?

If you love gyros but don’t live in a city where you can get them easily, you’re going to want to make a trip to Sam’s Club ASAP.

After testing some gyro slices at select Sam’s Clubs just before the holidays last year and getting some pretty impressive feedback, the warehouse club has now expanded the product to all clubs, and is making them permanently available.

Playing into the street food trend, the Kronos Authentic Gyro Slices are made of beef and lamb. Each box contains two one-pound packages and costs $13.98.

While 54 percent of consumers told Sam’s Club they’d had gyros before, the majority said they don’t eat gyros as much as other sandwich entrees simply because of the lack of availability. So this new addition to Sam’s Club should solve that problem!

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Those who have had them already are leaving some pretty rave reviews on Sam’s Club website, with the majority of reviews simply begging Sam’s Club to keep it in stores. Others say they taste “fairly authentic to what you’d get in a Greek restaurant.”

What makes them so popular? Sam’s Club says the supplier of the meat uses technology that mimics what’s done in restaurants and stands that serve gyros. The meat is flame broiled and basted in its own juices, then sliced when it reaches the correct temperature. It’s then frozen to lock in the flavor so that you end up with an authentic taste and experience — without having to head to a big city and order from a street cart.

Check out this video from the manufacturer, Kronos Foods, to see exactly how the meat is cooked:

The slices are fully cooked when you buy them, so you just have to heat them in the microwave, stovetop or oven.

Keep in mind that this is just the gyro meat, so you’ll still need to rest of the ingredients to make a sandwich — pita bread, toppings like onions or tomatoes and a tzatziki sauce, like this one from Cookie + Kate.

Will you be picking up a box of these new gyro slices from your local Sam’s Club?