These High School Seniors All Dressed As TV And Movie Characters For Picture Day

Everyone remember the dreaded “picture day” at school? Well, thankfully, an entire class of seniors escaped unscathed while getting their photos taken at school, and will actually be able to look back on this day fondly. And other high schools should definitely take notes on how these students expertly handled the event.

Instead of stressing about what to wear and how to fix their hair, the graduating class of North Farmington High School concocted a way to have some fun with “picture day” and fully committed to dressing up as TV and movie characters before saying “cheese.”

They posted about their costumes on Twitter using  “#NFID19,” and these outfits are not to be missed.

We’ve got three words for you: “Oh my god.” Twitter user @victoria_factor dressed as Janice from “Friends”:

Twitter user @__alexisk__ made sure that Elle Woods and her dog Bruiser made an appearance:

Some — like Twitter user @alexa_hallx — chose to dress like iconic actors and actresses, so of course Audrey Hepburn was in the mix:

There were also kid favorites such as Lilo and Stitch, courtesy of Twitter user @aalysonfaith:

This Madea impersonation from Twitter user @myleslmao is spot on:

Stephanie Tanner, is that you? Twitter user @melaniesov is on point:

Students also paid homage to their favorite “The Office” characters. We can’t get over this “spot on” depiction of Dwight Schrute by Twitter user @Inferngrape:

English teacher Erika Rust told The Huffington Post that this tradition began in 2013, and has been going strong ever since. And the students very much look forward to this moment.

“It is a rite of passage for the seniors and it has been something we have been looking forward to since we were freshmen,” student Molly Deighton told Huffington Post. “The one thing that I really like about it is that it’s unique to North Farmington, and while everybody has prom, we have senior ID day, which is always the best day of the year.”

And students and faculty aren’t the only ones who got plenty of enjoyment out of this school tradition. Based on the Twitter reactions, people all over the internet are loving their costumes. Twitter user @Deevia1n called the school “legendary” for allowing this tradition:

Others, like Twitter user @JaffarGoldblum, are jealous their school doesn’t do something similar:

Twitter user @adafaroqi is asking the one question everyone is wondering. “Why can’t every school be like this?”

Some are even asking their senior class to follow suit. Twitter user @chelseamae wrote, “can our class do this next year please.”

It seems like these seniors may very well have started a trend!