These Low-Carb Burritos And Tacos Are So Good You Won’t Miss The Tortilla

Gimme Delicious

It can be all too tempting to eat some version of Mexican food every night of the week. Taco, burritos, burrito bowls, the list of cravings goes on and on, but for those following a low-carb diet, those tortillas can be problematic. So, good thing there’s a workaround.

My Kitchen Addiction points out that cabbage can serve as the perfect wrapping apparatus to form a burrito-like meal without all the carbs. And it’s so good, you probably won’t even notice the tortilla is missing, either. In other words, this recipe is an all-around win!

To prepare the burrito filling for these Mexican Cabbage Rolls, you’ll need to get the tomato-based sauce going, then brown ground beef, peppers and squash and mix in the seasonings, per the recipe. So far, you have a typical burrito in the works, except that when it’s time to wrap up the delicious filling, you’re going to blanch big leaves of cabbage and roll up the filling in the soft yet crunchy veg.

My Kitchen Addiction

A dash of sauce and a sprinkle of cheese in the baking dish and you’re ready to pop these into the oven. And they look amazing!

My Kitchen Addiction

Thankfully, this isn’t the only meal that calls for a cabbage or lettuce substitute to make it even more of a low-carb indulgence.

For example, lettuce can be swapped out for tortillas in this easy take on chicken tacos from Gimme Delicious, which calls for chicken and all of your favorite taco toppings, complete with a drizzle of cilantro sauce:

Of course, tortillas may not be the only carb-filled ingredient you’re looking to remove from your diet, and if that’s the case, you’re going to love these next recipes. They’ll show you exactly how you can use lettuce or cabbage to take the place of pita bread, rice and more.

This recipe from Scrumptious South Africa shows how you can reimagine a Mediterranean-style dish and replace a slice of pita bread by placing meatballs and tahini sauce a lettuce wrap instead:

Scrumptious South Africa

And if you’re looking to reinvent your lunch options, you can also use romaine lettuce leaves to serve up chicken salad, as this recipe from Brown Sugar demonstrates:

Brown Sugar

Instead of having rice as a side, you can use cauliflower to create “rice” and serve the dish in crisp iceberg lettuce whenever you’re craving an Asian-inspired meal. This recipe from Veggie and the Beast is lower-carb than a rice bowl and egg roll and will be just as tasty.

Veggie and the Beast

So, who’s ready to start opting for cabbage and lettuce over tortillas?

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