These Mini Pineapple Casseroles With Bacon Are The Perfect Salty Sweet Combo

It’s that time of year when potlucks and parties abound. If you’re looking for a simple dish that will please a variety of palettes, look no further than pineapple casserole bacon cups.

The recipe comes to us from Anne Wolfe Postic, a writer, editor and recipe developer who has written for Southern Living. So she knows a thing or two about delicious southern eats. This particular recipe takes the standard pineapple casserole and elevates it to the perfect party appetizer with the addition of handheld bacon cups.

First, the pineapple is combined with sugar and sharp cheddar, then topped with crumbly breadcrumbs for crunch (though you might consider subbing in nuts or even shredded coconut flakes). Then, you make the bacon cups in a muffin tin. The combo of salty and sweet makes it a perfect holiday treat, whether you want to pass it around as an appetizer or serve it alongside the roasted veggies and sweet potatoes.

Anne Wolf Postic

Not a fan of pineapple? You might consider filling the bacon cups with something else, such as green bean casserole! Many people include bacon in their green bean casserole, so this is a fun and clever way to take a traditional holiday dish and make it a bit more unique. Follow this recipe from Pillsbury, but sub in Postic’s recipe for bacon cups in place of the brand’s crescent rolls.

Trying to please kids of all ages? Then why not opt for macaroni and cheese bacon cups? Check out the Thrillist video for Mac & Cheese Bacon Cups below:

They promise the bacon bowls will make bowls obsolete!

Or try these mashed sweet potato bacon cups from RealSimpleGood. These are Whole 30-approved and paleo-friendly, as they’re made with nothing other than sweet potatoes, garlic, rosemary, bacon, butter and maple syrup. The result is a salty, sweet seasonal treat that would be perfect to serve alongside your turkey or as a pre-dinner app.

Real Simple Good

Our opinion? We’re up for anything that’ wrapped in bacon!