These Momo Twins Are the Cutest Babies Ever, According To The Internet

Like many, I completely gush over cute, chubby babies that coo and babble at funny faces. When you’ve got twins, it’s double the cuteness. Known as the “Momo Twins,” these two take the cake.

They got their nickname because they are monoamniotic-monochorionic twins. Monoamniotic-monochorionic twins are identical twins that develop in a single, shared a placenta and amniotic sac in their mother’s womb. According to about health, only about 1% of twins develop this way.

I can’t get enough of their cute chubby cheeks and adorable expressions, and apparently everyone else can’t either. They have thousands upon thousands of likes on their Instagram pictures. Enjoy!

[h/t: Good Housekeeping]