These New Baby Moccasins Inspired By Disney Princesses Are Like A Wish Come True

A brand new collection of Disney princess-inspired baby moccasins may have even Cinderella asking her fairy godmother for a replacement for those uncomfortable glass slippers. Freshly Picked, a company known for their stylish Disney footwear collections, recently released their latest line of baby shoes that highlights one of Disney’s most popular properties: the princesses.

People just can’t seem to get enough of these royal, smart and strong young women. Customers buy up almost anything with a Disney princess design, whether it’s a bikini, beauty products or clothing. Now, Freshly Picked has added to their Disney lineup for the littlest royal feet. And when you see this collection, you won’t believe how precious these shoes are!

Happily, they’re all available for pre-order on the Freshly Picked website.

The Princess Bow Moccasin: $60

The best thing about these shoes is that you don’t have to pick a favorite princess—because, really, trying to decide which one is the best is a tough choice! These moccasins include Ariel from “The Little Mermaid,” Belle from “Beauty and the Beast” and Snow White and Princess Aurora from “Sleeping Beauty,” all in one darling design. And in the middle? A big, beautiful lilac sparkly bow. Even the soles of the shoes sparkle! Talk about the royal treatment!

Freshly Picked

The Ariel Bow Moccasin: $60

If your heart lies “Under the Sea,” you’ll probably want to pick up this pair for your little mermaid. The moccasin and its prominent bow are decked out in red, which matches Ariel’s long flowing hair. She and all of her sea friends — including Flounder and Sebastian — are printed on the toe.

Freshly Picked

The Belle Bow Moccasin: $60

Her name means beauty, and these little shoes featuring Belle are perfect for any beautiful baby. Designed with Belle’s signature yellow-gold color, the iconic rose and, of course, the image of the beautiful princess placed prominently in front.

Freshly Picked

The Cinderella Bow Moccasin: $60

Of course, you won’t find any glass in these little slippers. But you’ll find the princess who kept losing hers standing right in the middle of each shoe, wearing her classic blue ball gown. Still, the fairy godmothers who designed these moccasins still added that glass-like shine with silver metallic details in the bow, collar and sloes of the shoes.

Freshly Picked

Which pair will adorn your little princess’s tootsies?