These New ‘Toy Story’ Shoes Are All The Buzz

You may have ditched the toy box, but don’t be ashamed to add the latest Vans shoe line to your own holiday wish list. Vans teamed up with Disney and Pixar for a new collection inspired by the original “Toy Story” movie.

That’s right! You can have a taste of the 90s on your feet and of course there are options for your kids. Styles range from slip-ons to Woody-esque cowboy-inspired leather high tops.

According to Bustle, the collection tugs at the heartstrings with features like the name “ANDY” scribbled across the soles of the shoes including the backward “N.” Most shoes are inspired by specific characters like pink floral Bo-Peep-themed shoes. Remember the aliens in the claw machine? Yep, there is a pair of glow-in-the-dark sneakers covered in those little guys.


A style bound to be a favorite is the Toy Story Old Skool which comes in a Woody or Buzz theme… Ask yourself, would you rather say, “There’s a snake in my boot!” or “To infinity…and beyond?” A third neutral option is covered with all of Andy’s favorite toys.

If you want to keep reliving the “Toy Story” era, also showcases T-shirts and accessories such as backpacks, trucker hats, socks and even boxers. Everything in the collection is $25 to $100.

The Vans x Toy Story shoe line is the latest Disney collaboration for Disney and Pixar fans. You may have also seen a Minnie Mouse line at Sephora, or the “Jungle Book” inspired collection from Kenzo.

The collection is set to hit shelves November 29, but act fast! Some sizes are already out of stock on