These Photos Of Newborns Placed In Famous Paintings Are Adorable

Who doesn’t love pictures of newborn babies?  Sharing pictures of little bundles of joy in super cute outfits on social media is a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

Lindsay Walden, a professional photographer from Dallas, Texas, is a mother of three and has managed to turn her passion for babies into a professional career.  Since 2010, she’s focused on newborn photography.

Walden wanted to add a touch of class to her newborn photos and decided to try out a new idea for photos – integrate the babies into famous artwork masterpieces.  She calls it her “Newborn Masterpiece Collection.”  Most impressive, Walden told Mashable that she makes all the backdrops from scratch using wool roving and even dyes the materials herself to create the custom colors.

So far, she’s done six of these beautiful photographs with plans to do six more soon.

For more of her great photographs, check out her website.