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These Prosecco Ice Cubes Will Take Your Brunch Game Up A Notch

These would be perfect for weddings, baby showers or Saturday brunch!

If you’re the type of person who welcomes in the weekend with a mimosa (or two), here’s an awesome way to elevate your next at-home brunch to a Pinterest-perfect party — and it only requires an ice cube tray. Instead of adding regular ice cubes to your glass of sparkling wine or your mimosa, borrow this idea from Delish and try making these strawberry champagne ice cubes instead:

Why are these the perfect addition to your next boozy brunch? These alcoholic ice cubes keep your drink ice cold without watering them down, ensuring that your mimosa never becomes room temperature, even if you take a break from drinking to dive into a stack of pancakes or catch up with your friends.

Other Ways To Utilize Your Ice Cube Tray

Strawberry champagne ice cubes aren’t the only fun way to use your ice cube tray. These watermelon ice cubes would make a delicious addition to a non-alcoholic daiquiri or a gin and tonic. You could also use an ice cube tray and your favorite pink wine to make frosé, i.e. a frozen rosé slushie.

Who knew there were so many uses for an old-school ice cube tray, aside from making ice? These fruit and wine ice cubes are a cute way to jazz up drinks at a wedding, baby shower or even Saturday morning brunch with your friends.

Who’s excited for brunch?