This photographer takes romantic photos of elderly couples

“Ah, young love!”

We’ve all heard that wistful comment as a description of the perfect kind of love. You know the glorious, ever-romantic type of relationship we all long to have in our lives.

But, there is something special and maybe even more wonderful about the kind of love that lasts a lifetime. Relationships that span decades have an unmistakable, almost magical quality to them. Photographer Sujata Setia not only understands that this kind of love is inspiring but she strives to capture it for the world to see.

The London-based photographer travels the world to capture life’s moments for people. And, while her photography business, But Natural Photography, emphasizes photos of newborns and families, a separate project has come into focus during her international assignments: taking engagement-style photos of couples who’ve been together for a long time.

Not only do her photos stand out because of their unique subjects, but also because Setia uses a signature style to transform the pictures into digital art. Using nature as a backdrop, she has the couples pose together to maximize their natural beauty and love for one another. Of course, there is also a little bit of editing magic to put the finishing touches on these masterpieces.

She displays her work on her professional website and on social media to the delight of her many fans, which includes more than 77,000 followers on Instagram. Her “Elderlies” series of photos, which also includes grandparents with their grandchildren, has captured the hearts of people around the world.

Setia told Huffington Post that getting these long-lasting couples to pose and act like newlyweds can be a little awkward at first.

At first, she said, many of the couples are a bit confused about why a photographer would want them to be models at all, never mind take personal, intimate shots. However, for most, it doesn’t take long to get close and comfortable.

“I tell them to hold hands, kiss. The couples always laugh first, the husbands mostly,” Setia said. “And then the shoots are always so full of laughter because both husband and wife are endlessly giggling.”

With comments from Instagram users gushing about how they hope they have a love like that after 60 years together, it appears Setia has changed the face of #relationshipgoals. Move over “young love” because “enduring love” is looking to take over!