These Saint Bernards will deliver you a mini-keg of beer for the holidays

Photo courtesy of Breckenridge Brewery

Saint Bernards are not only cute, but they’re also incredibly resourceful. Case in point: For centuries, they helped rescue travelers crossing the snowy and often-treacherous European Alps.

Though it’s likely just a myth that they used to reach the shivering, stranded hikers with a barrel of brandy tied around their necks, it’s a fun idea to imagine all the same.

And if you’ve ever dreamed of a big, floofy, cute Saint Bernard lumbering over to you with a delicious alcoholic beverage around its neck, now’s your chance to make this dream a reality.

Photo courtesy of Breckenridge Brewery

Colorado’s Breckenridge Brewery will make it happen for the lucky winners of their Saint “Beernards” contest. The brewery is partnering with Colorado Saint Bernard Rescue on this utterly adorable project, which includes a mini-keg of their Christmas Ale, a chance to play with the dogs and a photoshoot that’s perfect for the cover of your Christmas card.

“We love being able to add something extra special to the holiday season,” says Todd Usry, Breckenridge Brewery’s president. “These mountain-dog deliveries are our nod to our mountain roots and the long-standing tradition of Christmas Ale.”

The 7.1 percent beer is a malty, full-bodied ale that promises to make everything merry and bright this Christmas.

Photo courtesy of Breckenridge Brewery

The contest is open to people who are 21 and older in Denver and New York City. Enter to win now through Dec. 12, then cross your fingers that a Saint Bernard shows up at your door on Dec. 16.

And even if you don’t live in the two participating cities, you can, of course, still get a festive mini-keg for your holiday party, since the brewery distributes them nationwide.

Photo courtesy of Breckenridge Brewery

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