These shoes can be customized in over 10,000 different ways

One company is trying to change the way we think about shoes by allowing us to customize them to fit our every outfit, season and mood. And when it comes to customization, we’re talking over 10,000 different possibilities.

KI ecobe is the company behind the interchangeable and ultra-customizable shoes, and they claim that there are exactly 10,125 possible combinations.


So How Does It Work?

After the Kickstarter campaign has come to an end, these fun shoes will  eventually be available to order online. Consumers will have  15 different boot options, 15 different strap options, 3 outsole colors and 15 shoe lace color options to choose from.

Once you put together your perfect pair of shoes, the components of the new shoes will be shipped to you, where you can then assemble them at your leisure. And once you have those components at home, there are multiple ways in which you can assemble and wear them, based upon whether you’re inside or outside, whether it’s hot or cold…

And if you purchase the components for more than one pair, you can do some mixing and matching between all of the components!


Why Buy Shoes That Aren’t Pre-Assembled?

The concept was created by South Korean designer Gyudeog Kim. Through his 25-year career designing and developing footwear, he’s always been concerned about the use of toxic glues in shoe manufacturing.

Kim says the fumes from the glue used to manufacture shoes create a bad work environment for factory workers. And in Asia, where most shoes are produced, workers often don’t have access to masks or proper ventilation. Through the design of KI ecobe shoes, Kim says the need for using toxic glue is eliminated.

“This is where my original inspiration to design KI come from,” Kim stated in a video posted on the brand’s Kickstarter page.

Another advantage of owning a pair of KI ecobe shoes are that they’re made to last. For instance, if the outside of your KI shoe wears out, you can easily dissemble the shoe, recycle the sole and replace it with a new one.


The self-assembled modular shoes can also double as house slippers after taking off the outsole. And if you’re looking for a pair of shoes that can easily be washed, you’re in luck, because the website says the inboots are not only easy to wash, but quick to try.

Although these fancy interchangeable shoes have yet to hit the market,  it looks like they should be available for purchase later this year. The Kickstarter goal for the shoe design was $30,000, and over $33,00o has already been raised to take the idea from just a concept to reality. Regardless, we think Kim must be on to something, because the concept has already received eight international design awards.

Sold on the idea, too? If you want to be one of the first to snag a pair of the KI ecobe shoes, you can do so by pledging $79 or more on the company’s Kickstarter page.