These siblings surprised their dad with a classic car for his retirement

Retirement is already pretty sweet — but it’s even better if you have a cool car! When a man in Overland Park, Kansas, ended his working life, his kids made sure he knew they appreciated all he’d done for them during his career. They surprised him with the car he’d been dreaming of driving again since he was a teenager: a 1966 Pontiac LeMans Sprint.

The best part? They filmed the whole thing, including their dad’s shock when he realized what they’d done for him.

Pontiac LeMans
Flickr | dave_7

The video shows the man’s adult son taking a long trip to pick up the car, which he and his sister were able to buy. According to Hagerty, Pontiac LeMans are worth about $11,000 to $30,000, depending on their condition.

The siblings gave their unsuspecting father a long letter to read, which was full of sweet lines but didn’t reveal his gift.

“For as long as we can remember you’ve been our hero,” the letter, which was read aloud on video by the dad, stated. “You worked incredibly hard your entire life, not only for yourself, but to make an amazing life for us.”

The letter then went on to talk about what the man had long described as “the car that got away.” The siblings gave him what he thought was his retirement gift: a framed print advertisement for the car from an old magazine.

pontiac lemans photo
Flickr | SenseiAlan

“We want you to hang this someplace so that, when you see it, you’ll remember you now have the same freedom you had when you were that age,” the letter stated.

Suddenly, his son handed him a second page to the letter, which said, “P.S. Go look in the driveway.”

The man immediately jumped up, put down the framed ad he was holding and said, “Oh you’re kidding!”

The look on his face when he walks out and sees the shiny red car is priceless. “Are you serious?” he asks in the video. “This is gorgeous!”

When he pulls out of the driveway to take his new gift for a spin, his daughter can be heard saying, “I can’t believe we pulled this off.”

Watch the whole, heartwarming thing below.