These Two Instagram-Famous Dogs Got Engaged And The Photos Are Adorable

Don’t you dare call it just puppy love. The romance of Sebastian and Luna, two Washington, D.C. dogs, is quite an evolved love story, with an Instagram account full of photos that totally inspire #relationshipgoals. (For a daily dose of cuteness, follow along on Instagram, @Sebastianlovesluna.)

Sebastian, one half of the Instagram-famous duo, is a dapper Frenchie. Luna is a fluffy Pomeranian with what seems to be a perma-smile. They dress up in costumes together, like Bonnie and Clyde, or Beauty and the Beast. They watch sunsets together. They picnic together. They re-created the spaghetti scene from “Lady and the Tramp” for Valentine’s Day. They’re so dang cute and in tune with one another they even gallop in sync.

But most recently? They got engaged. And what ensues next is what we’d expect (and hope) from these two adorable dogs: They were photographed by their paw-parazzi.

The lovely engagement photos were synced up with Washington D.C.’s famous cherry blossom bloom. For the special occasion, Sebastian accented a soft green polo with a pink bow tie and Luna was pretty in pink with a collared shirt.

The pair got engaged in June 2016, which, in dog years, was like seven years ago. But you can’t rush a good thing and they just got around to their engagement photos, according to People.

Together, Sebastian and Luna have amassed more than 65,000 followers and counting on Instagram. Their owner, Emily Abril, a former portrait photographer, told the Huffington Post: “I’ve always described them as an old married couple. One minute they are licking each other’s faces, the next minute they are barking and chasing after each other and then they’re napping.”

While their wedding won’t happen until June, we did get a solid preview of what the bride and groom would look like. Previously, a rumor circulated that they eloped and, of course, photos got leaked. But it was just that: a rumor. In reality, this cutesy celebrity canine couple was just modeling for greeting cards. (Stop playing with our emotions, guys!)

With wedding bells on the horizon, be on the lookout for a wedding registry. Instead of chew toys and tennis balls, though, the dog’s owner says the registry and wedding will be a way to raise money for an animal welfare organization. Aww, who’re the good doggies?